John Lynn, Vice President & Treasurer

Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia
PO Box 1485, Macquarie Park. NSW 2113
Website: http://www.jaguar.org.au

Whether you are a current member of our club, an intending member just checking us out or a casual visitor who is an owner of, or has an interest in, Jaguar and Daimler cars, this site has been built with you in mind and we hope you find it informative .

There are lots of resources available for members by way of the new improved classified section, Interactive on line calendar, on line booking for events, register information and links to other websites. 

There is a member’s only area which provides access to the clubs monthly general meeting minutes, club magazines, as well as various important documents relating to club activities.

This website is fully working, but by no means static as it to continue to grow and evolve as the needs of the club dictate. Areas such as the regalia area still to be finalised.