Hunter Region - NSW
Club Delegate

Denis Shanahan, President

Jaguar Drivers Club Hunter Region
PO Box 492, Australia Post Wallsend, NSW, 2287

The Jaguar Drivers Club Hunter Region (JDCHR) arose from a meeting of Newcastle Jaguar enthusiasts in a little Jaguar Service shop in May 1983. Twenty three people where in attendance perched on planks of wood between oil drums discussing a mutual desire to get together with our cars and families and enjoy the benefits of sharing both social and technical experiences. A number of them at the time were members of the NSW club, the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia, but found that being 160 kms away the JDCA was not able to cater for the needs of the Newcastle enthusiasts. For various reasons it was decided that a Newcastle club should be formed and a steering committee was established that night to put the necessary details in place.

The change of name to Jaguar Drivers Club Hunter Region came some 3 or 4 years later after experiencing some difficulty with the JDCA in registering the original name, which had been modified to suit Jaguar’s recommendations, to Jaguar Drivers Club Newcastle Australia.