During the pandemic, cyclists seeking to push their endurance to the limits by participating in the ‘Everesting’ challenge increased sixfold, spurred on by the ambition to match the elevation gain of the ascent of Mount Everest. Home to the UK’s highest surfaced road, Great Dun Fell in Cumbria has proved the ideal backdrop for this epic feat, with its narrow ribbon of asphalt and series of sweeping bends which peak at 848m. Jaguar invited cycling ace Elinor Barker MBE to complete the challenge behind the wheel of the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, as a test of efficiency and performance of a different kind. Completing just over 16 repeats of the 3.6-mile ascent (a 7.2-mile loop in total), the steep gradients and twisting tarmac proved no match for Elinor or the I-PACE, who completed the energy-intensive 8,848m climb over 124 miles on a single charge, leaving a cool 31 percent battery charge to spare.