ACJC Supporting Cross-border runs
The ACJC Council has accepted that National Rallies will occur every 2 years from 2019 forward. The new rally is 2022 in Tasmania, then SA in 2023

To promote camaraderie and states getting together with their unique cars the Council wishes to promote these cross-border runs on the years when national rallies are NOT being held

The groups that normally hold these cross-border runs include: SS, Mark 4 & 5, XK's, E-Types, XJC's

The Council is also considering a small monetary contribution towards these cross-border events.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? We would love to hear them

The interstae Border Runs are a great way to encourage interaction between members in different states with a specific interest in a particular model.
I have persknally been involved in organising 3 such border runs. As mentioned the SS cars have met up like this so succesfully for over 40 years,. The XJC owners now have a FB page to stay in touch and have three very successful border runs. He XKs have likwise enjoyed skme excellent runs, perhaps the 2018 meet up in Adelaide is the most memorable.
I strongly uge the ACJC to work together to promote more of these border runs.
It is clear to me that the key is to have people with a real interest in a specific model and keen to promote this kind of activity. However I am sure there is a sinificant rlle for ACJC.