Concessional Licences

Concessional 404 Licence Facts

The Jaguar Car Club of WA has been approved by the Department of Transport as a car club through which concessional licensing of older vehicles can be arranged. The club is required to have a register of such vehicles and a club registrar to manage this process.

Concessional licences are available (with use restrictions) for any JCCWA member for any vehicle which is 25 years or older. The following attachments provide the current JCCWA procedures for obtaining a concessional licence, together with relevant Department of Transport and Council of motoring Clubs’ documents outlining conditions of the concession. All queries related to concessional licensing, including how to obtain a concessional licence for a vehicle should be directed to  the JCCWA Concessional registrations Officer.

Click to download the following documents so you are fully informed about concessional licencing of your vehicle.

Code 404 JCCWA Procedures July 2018.docx.pdf

Code 404 Handbook CMC August 2018 - v3.pdf

DoT FAQ Sheet for 404 Concessions.pdf

CMC 1 - Certification of Financial Membership.pdf

E81 Form March 2018.pdf

code_404_modified_vehicles_position August 2018.pdf