Update on Use of SIVS Registered Vehicles

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has recently clarified the way in which it  interprets the rules in relation to SIVS registered vehicles, also known as club registration. The Queensland Historic Motoring Council (QHMC) which represents the affiliated car clubs to Government lobbied TMR to change the existing SIVS rules to a scheme similar to the “Impromptu Events” one used in WA. This “Impromptu Events” scheme allows individual members to initiate a run in their SIVS vehicle at short notice.

TMR has now agreed to us having “Impromptu Events” here in Qld.

OHMC Bulletin 2018-1 which can be viewed or downloaded from “Latest News” on the JDCQ website explains it in more detail.

In order to take advantage of these changes, JDCQ has upgraded its website and added an additional calendar for “Impromptu Events” so that any financial club member can log into the website and add their own impromptu or single vehicle event. The instructions for entering an impromptu event follow.

The committee draws member’s attention to the final two paragraphs in the QHMC bulletin pointing out remaining limitations on use and that the relaxation of rules is a privilege which should not be abused. Events can only be entered by financial club members and have to be entered prior to the start of the journey. The committee will be regularly monitoring the impromptu calendar to ensure the guidelines are being followed.